Our office’s resident pooch, Pasha, puts in a tough day at the office. Follow along with her through the high’s an low’s of a typical day for her here at Black Tulip!


8:15 AM – I don’t know why we have to arrive so early every morning. I had just gone back to sleep after my early morning walk.

8:20 AM – I am so tired, I walked all the way from the end of the street. Which bed shall I sleep on today? The one near Marilyn’s desk or the one in the back office. Well Marilyn is not here yet, it will have to be the one in Joost’s office again!

8:22 AM – My water bowl is empty, somebody needs to get me some water. Where are my treats? The ones I get at home are much better.

8:25 AM – Time to go to sleep. I am exhausted! Work is tiring!

10:23 AM – What, what, what is that noise? When will these people learn not to use the mechanical stapler? I am asleep you know! That noise scares me and wakes me up!!!

11:33 AM – Where did everyone go? Did they leave me alone again? Maybe they are in that other room with the door closed. Oh right, another meeting. Let me interrupt and sniff that new person. Time to go to sleep. I wish there was a bed in this meeting room.

12:30 PM – I gotta go! Time for a walk! Hurry up!


12:50 PM – Maybe I can score another treat. Never mind, I need to catch up on my sleep. I’ll try my other bed for a while.

2:25 PM – Canada Post arrives. Can that mail lady not read? The sign clearly says to keep the door to the office closed, so I won’t escape (Ha, funny thought, Canada Post can’t read! No wonder I don’t get any mail)

2:30 PM – No escaping today, I am tired, I need to go to sleep.

3:07 PM – Another meeting. Never mind, they don’t pay attention to me any way, they just talk.

4:30 PM – Time to go home. I worked so hard, this 8 to 4:30 lifestyle just wears me out. I think I’ll have a snooze before dinner.