Now that tax time is over for most of us, it is time to reflect on why your accountant seemed so stressed out when you met or spoke to her/him just before the deadline.
We sympathize with these hard working professionals and want to give you and them a hand by offering a Top Five “What-not-to-do list“:

  1.  Wait until the last possible moment before the deadline to submit your tax documents to your accountant.
  2. Argue with your accountant about those “stupid” tax rules, as if they created them!
  3. Send all your documents and receipts loose in a bag, because you don’t feel like sorting them out. Your accountant loves “shuffling papers”.
  4. When your accountant calls you with the results of preparing your tax return, make sure you share, that you just discovered one more important financial document you found and meant to send him/her earlier.
  5. Complain about the size of your bill and insist on getting a detailed explanation of what was actually done.

Black Tulip specially trains our bookkeepers in the ‘art’ of bookkeeping while always ensuring we follow sound accounting principles and are GAAP compliant.  We will make sure you understand how the process works, so you and your accountant are on the same page for tax time.  With accountants charging $100+ an hour, you want to make sure your accountant can prepare your taxes without any challenges, don’t you?

Last fall we sent out a promotional card to accountants, to see if we could get their attention and refer more business to us. This is what it looked like: