What comes to mind when you hear the word BOOKKEEPING?

To older, pre-computer generations, the images that come to mind are a mature man or woman, sitting behind a desk with stacks of papers, a big calculator, with streams of paper rolls and often a full ash tray! Lined paper pads with columns containing numbers and everywhere there are pencils, erasers, staplers and paperclips. Can you see it?

So much has changed since that time! The images that come to mind today are the slick TV ads that advertise “easy” software, usually in the “cloud”, that make it sound as if anyone can do it! The ads will highlight what the software is really good at, but of course it will not tell you what its limitations are.

When Black Tulip started providing administrative services, some 20 years ago, bookkeeping was the core of the work we did. But soon after this auspicious beginning, we branched out and we would take on any administrative task a small business or individual wanted to outsource. Boy, have we grown beyond just bookkeeping!

So now the word “bookkeeper” does not get anywhere close to defining who we are. It’s actually quite limiting and we have decided (drum roll …….) to change it!

So as of January 1, 2015 we are not to be referred to as bookkeepers any longer! So what is it that we do, you ask? We provide financial administration and other back-office services!

How does that change what we do, you ask? It doesn’t! We still provide the same services, with the same skilled professional staff, who work quickly and efficiently to ensure that the work you outsource to Black Tulip gets completed to the highest professional standards.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming changes in our website and the words we use to describe ourselves. We are re-branding! We are re-messaging!