Yesterday Black Tulip had a very special lunch as we said farewell to Senior HR Manager Angie Burnett and Bookkeeper Fay Cai.

We shared laughs and tears as we sat down to a wonderful spread, catered by Jessica Pelt our receptionist and Francis Martinez. The lunch included 4 varieties of croissant sandwiches, greek salad, roasted vegetables and chocolate mousse for the dessert. Delicious!  Joost gave a heartfelt speech that was both motivating and touching. The lunch was full of fun games, lots of laughs and gift giving.

Angie has had a huge impact on our company over the five and a half years that she has been here, transforming and fine-tuning the HR department.  We know her positivity and creativity will continue to change the lives of others and we are excited to see what life holds in store for her in the future.

Fay, expecting a baby girl in April, has been one of the hardest working and most thorough bookkeepers Black Tulip has ever had. We can’t wait to have a little Tulip to play with in April when she comes to visit!

We wish Angie and Fay the best of luck, we’ll miss you!