The Collision of Small Business and Life

It used to be so simple! You went to work, you did your job, you had your evenings and weekends to yourself, you got a regular paycheck and you even earned a paid vacation and a pension! And others made all the important decisions. Many of us now run (and live) a small business, and experience the “Collision of Small Business and Life”. We wouldn’t change it for the world, but from time to time we long back to those “simpler” times of just doing our job and getting paid for it.

Providing services to other small businesses gives us at Black Tulip a unique window into peoples’ lives. More often than not, when we meet potential new clients, we end up discussing the challenges in their personal lives and how we, Black Tulip, can make a difference.

The most common complaints…..

  • The challenge of separating business and personal time
  • Working from home and having your business overflow your kitchen table
  • Always being “on call”
  • Waking up at night, worrying about how to cover the next payroll
  • Loving the work, hating the administration
  • The procrastination of making the tough decisions
  • Accepting you can’t be an expert in everything
  • Enjoying a real holiday and not checking your emails every ten minutes

Interestingly enough, there are now so many small businesses that offer services or products to remedy each of these challenges: business and life coaches, consultants on time management, equipment and software to keep track of everything and administrative services like the ones offered by Black Tulip. But of course all of these providers of services experience many of the same challenges!

Are there simple solutions? Earning enough money for resources and staff to be able to delegate helps. But that comes with a different set of responsibilities. Hiring and firing, managing and listening to others and accepting no one is perfect.

At Black Tulip we offer services that can restore some of the balance between your business and your personal lives. And if we don’t offer a particular service, we likely know someone who does. Call it what you wish, outsourcing, 3rd party services, delegating, we are in the business to improve the quality of your life. Call us, will you?