5 New Year Resolutions Accountants Want Their Clients to Make

Looking for a few new year’s resolutions for a more fiscally responsible new year? Here are our best tips from an accountant or bookkeeper’s point of view!

‘Tis the season to make some new year’s resolutions! Want to lose weight? Nah, you look fine the way you are. Plan to eat healthier? Pizza is a food group, right? Hoping to make new friends? We’re up for a bowling night if you are.

But there just might be a few resolutions that we DO want you to consider for 2019:

1. Festive recycling

Don’t know what to do with your gazillion holiday gift boxes? Repurpose them as a “dumping ground” for your receipts.

2. Check, check…

It may not be financial year end for your business yet, but it doesn’t hurt to sort through your invoices, monthly statement, etc. now. A quality bookkeeper can help you with this.

3. Get a second credit card

Never, ever mix personal and business expenses on one credit card. This will help you stay on top of your business expenses – and it’s a good idea in case the CRA ever comes calling!

4. Stay on top of your receipts

Keep a diary to record those random payments or deposits you will have forgotten about next month. December can especially be a messy month for forgotten filing.

5. Send your accountant chocolates

Accountants never resolve to lose weight or eat healthier. We’re perfect the way we are. This goes double for your bookkeeper.

Extra quick tips for the meticulously minded:

  • Prepare an envelope for each month
  • Staple all cc receipts to the cc statements
  • Colour code your bank statements to identify separate categories
  • Make photocopies of all incoming and outgoing cheques
  • Include all CRA notices
  • Sort everything chronologically

Note: if you have done these already, you chose the wrong profession and should have become a bookkeeper. Call us!

Happy new year from all of us at Black Tulip!

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