In today’s complicated technology-based world one the biggest headaches is dealing with large bureaucracies. Setting up new services or changing existing services has become an exercise in frustration or futility for small business owners and individuals alike. Navigating the phone trees, reaching the right person or the right department, filling out on-line forms, setting up passwords and security questions, all this for the privilege of allowing the bureaucracies to provide you with services that you of course have to pay for. And if finally you reach an actual “live” person, you just have to hope that they speak and understand the same language you do. And how about those automated systems that answer all your questions, as long as you ask the questions in the way they are stored in their database!

Black Tulip employs a couple of individuals who are experts in navigating these systems, have the patience of Job and have enough other projects on their desk to keep them busy while they listen to “elevator music” or “we appreciate your business” or “the estimated waiting time is……”.

So the next time you need to change or set up a service or need to have a question answered, call us first and our friendly receptionist, an actual live person, will immediately connect you with one of our “bureaucracy slayers”. And we even deal with government departments!