Why do people consume Social Media? It isn’t to shop, yet everyone is selling. If people are on social media to socialize, then why do businesses ‘do’ social media? Because people respond to organizations and individuals that bother to engage in their lives! This is the overriding theme of a recent study by Pivotcon. Your returns will present themselves the more you engage your followers, the more your brand is elevated by your efforts to engage.

Where does one concentrate their efforts? We here at Black Tulip engage in the top three Social Media platforms; Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. There are other social media platforms nipping at their heels however, take a look at Pinterest or Instagram who have gained prominence recently. These visual digital mediums may be perfect for your business.

What is the social consumer looking for? They want exclusive content including deals and promotions, they wish to be part of a community, they want to learn about new products and services and they want the ability to share their opinions. These are all important things to remember when coming up with your social media strategy.

Listen to your social media community. We’re learning each week what works for us, as well as what truly engages our followers, and hopefully why. Ultimately, the important thing is to get out there and start the journey. Social Media isn’t a trend. It’s here to stay in one form or another and just being a part of it is important. Engage them – your customers expect it and will demand it.