Joost Pelt

Joost Pelt

Co-Founder & Executive Director
Extension: 23

When Joost reinvented himself at 40, moving from a life as a dancer, choreographer and arts administrator to setting up his own administrative services company, he was determined to carry the attributes he admired and mentored from the performing arts into his business. “The attitude of those in the performing arts is different than corporate businesses,” explains Joost, “In the arts, you work toward the completion of a goal, solving whatever problems get in the way rather than passing these on to someone else or looking for excuses to say no. You do it because you are driven to accomplish whatever you take on. Success depends on your ability to continually adapt and build trust with others. In the end, it’s about creating an enjoyable experience for your customers when the curtain goes up so they become fans and come back.

“At Black Tulip, we exemplify this attitude: Get it done, do it well, put those you serve first. Everyone takes part, it’s not about a title or the glamour, it’s about the performance because the end goal is the same —give Black Tulip customers an enjoyable, a memorable, experience.”

With a self-declared tendency for chasing new shiny objects, Joost’s inquiring mind has been the driving force behind the growth of Black Tulip. Responsible for business development, finance and planning, he continually looks for ways to improve Black Tulip’s service and expand into new areas as client needs evolve and change. Clients, colleagues and suppliers alike appreciate his energy, his direct and to-the-point Dutch nature, and the unshakeable honesty he applies to everything he says and does.

Born in Amsterdam, Joost trained as a professional ballet dancer. Starting with a successful career in Europe, in 1977 he moved to Canada and joined the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, a company known for its versatility, technical excellence and style. After working as a choreographer and arts administrator, he set up Black Tulip in 1990.