About Us

We're real people, dedicated to your business.

For the last 24 years, Black Tulip has been a provider of client-focused, administrative back office services.

We do more than just enter the numbers. We’ll deliver the financial records with a thoughtful understanding of your business.

There’s lots to love about accounting software, but even the best applications require intelligent entry and analysis. And when a client uses accounting software, someone still needs to know when to sound the alarm when a financial issue needs attention.

We want to simplify your life.

One of our key strengths is that we are forward thinking, but adaptable. Using the latest tools and technologies that increase the efficiency and accuracy of our clients’ operations and procedures, we deliver meaningful savings in time and money.

Our professional team is passionate about ensuring administrative peace of mind for our clients, while taking their companies to the next level. We’re fanatical about quality, confidentiality, attention to detail and personalized service.

With Black Tulip as a partner, you can enjoy total peace of mind that you are going to be better, faster, and more profitable because we’ve got your back.