This year marks the 34th year of Earth Day celebrations. Of course, today’s celebrations are meant to highlight and promote earth-conscious behavior year round, but at Black Tulip, we use today as a reminder to look at our business operations, and see where sustainable actions can be taken to improve our foot print on the world in which we live and work.

To mark the day itself, individuals and businesses participate in everything from litter pick-ups to battery recycling to electronics recycling. To practice environmental responsibility year round, you can dig deeper. By practicing the 3 P’s; People, Planet and Profit, companies can begin to connect their business with corporate and social responsibility goals.

We here at Black Tulip align ourselves with businesses that are corporate responsibility leaders and take initiatives in our day to day operations that better the planet. And we make every effort to use recycled materials to facilitate our business needs. We enlist the support of companies like our vendor, Shred-it, who take our confidential documents and recycle them. We also support companies like our client, Impakt, that amongst many of their societal achievements, can boast running their business on 100% green energy. They also work with CVTP (Clean Vibes Trading Post) a not-for-profit organization aiming to educate the public about environmental responsibility and stewardship, particularly in regards to solid waste management.

If you are struggling to come up with ways your business can contribute to a better earth, you can enlist the support of organizations like CVTP or Earth Day Canada who have programs like the Earth Month campaign to keep environmental improvement initiatives at the forefront of our minds all year long.

Happy Earth Day! And remember that even the simplest of actions can have a big impact!