Holiday gift ideas for your accountant

The holidays are coming! Have you bought a gift for your faithful and amazingly skilled accountant yet? If not, we have some great ideas.

Here comes Santa Claus… and all the other holiday traditions and fanfare. Before you get too embroiled in the seasonal rush, don’t forget, one of the most important things you can do for the holiday season is to decide what gifts to get your accountant for the holidays. We’re not saying you have to, we’re just saying a little something for the people who submit all your financial transactions to the CRA might not go amiss.

Here are our humble suggestions:

  • Chocolate
  • Grateful clients (standing ovations are optional)
  • A CRA Auditor admitting s/he is wrong (this one’s a long shot)
  • Bookkeepers that know what they are doing
  • Clients that send their “stuff” on time
  • More available daylight hours during the last week of April
  • Unexpected refunds!
  • More chocolate
  • Accounting software that contains computer games
  • Flexible Tax Deadlines
  • An Abacus for when the power goes down
  • A great bottle of (fill in the blank)
  • A truly paperless society
  • Clients that think the fees are too low!
  • A break
  • Even more chocolate
  • What the heck…world peace!

May your halls be charmingly decked, your chestnuts thoroughly roasted and your grandmother safe from reindeer.

Happy holidays from all of us at Black Tulip!

P.S. If you have received this holiday message and you ARE an accountant, feel free to share with your clients. You’re welcome.

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