Bookkeeping Support for Accountants

Imagine your client’s financial records sorted, scanned and received, seamlessly.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all your clients’ books came to you reconciled and making perfect sense?

That’s every accountant’s dream. We can help you make it a reality by ensuring that all records are detailed and complete – BEFORE you ever see them.

“Here are all my files, jammed into this shoebox!”

Let the bookkeepers at Black Tulip deal with your clients (and their shoe boxes). We’ll do the sleuthing and the sorting, and deliver financial records scanned, sorted, and ready to go.

“I can do my own bookkeeping, it’s just math!”

Just because someone has basic math skills and accounting software on their computer, it doesn’t make them an accountant or a bookkeeper. Let our bookkeepers help your clients who think they can do their own bookkeeping.

“Bookkeeping? There’s software for that!”

Honestly, programs like QuickBooks Online have a lot to answer for. Because no matter how great a piece of software is, even the best applications require intelligent entry and analysis. And when a client uses accounting software, someone still needs to know when to sound the alarm when a financial issue needs attention.

We have staff who live to make accurate entries, track down errors and heroically organize your clients’ files. And they are really, really good at delivering financial records, ready to go.

Partner with the Black Tulip experts to demonstrate to your clients that tidy bookkeeping actually saves money.

Do what you do best.

Let the professionals at Black Tulip do the rest.


  • Completed, Reconciled And Accurate Books
  • HST, WSIB, EHT Returns
  • Year End Working Papers
  • Year End Accruals
  • B/S, P&L, T/B, GJ And GL Reports
  • Prepare HST Reasonable Report
  • And More – Just Ask!

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