Every day, many times each day we all make decisions: Shall I turn right or left? Shall I eat now or later? Shall I get a coffee or have a glass of wine?

Also in our business, we continuously have to decide if we save or spend, if we hire or fire, if we move forward or hold back.

Most of us learn from experience and when we get older, making certain decisions becomes somewhat easier, because we have come across a similar situation before.


I found many sources on line about decision making, here are just a few……


Pretend Like you are advising a friend

Big decisions are often emotional, they can cloud your mind so you can’t make a solid decision. We have all done it, a friend asks for advice and we see so clearly what your friend should do

Limit the amount of information you take in

It’s a pretty common idea that the more information you have, the better decisions you can make. However, at some point, you cross a threshold where you have too much information.

Empower your inner contrarian and reverse your assumptions

Challenge your core assumptions, step outside your comfort zone and test some completely new ideas

Spreadsheet it out

Make lists of the positives and the negatives, seeing it in black and white often leads to clarity on what your decision should be


In another article I found:


  1. Not enough information
  2. Too much information
  3. Too many people
  4. Vested interests
  5. Emotional Attachments
  6. No Emotional Attachment


And of course Oprah has something to say about this as well. I found the following list on her website:


  1. Identify your goal
    1. a. In other words don’t make decisions based on the wrong problem
  2. Eliminate choices by setting standards
    1. a. If you’re trying to buy a digital camera, list the features you’ll actually use.
  3. Don’t worry about finding the best
  4. Be aware of biases
    1. a. They can lead smart people to make dumb decisions
  5. Try not to rush
  6. Don’t sweat the small stuff
  7. Do a postgame analysis

And here are some of my own ground rules when it comes to making decisions:

  • Don’t make big decisions late at night, but “sleep on it”. I found that making decisions is much easier when you are well rested and have a clear mind
  • If you are being pressed to make a decision or if you really don’t know what to decide, it’s OK to postpone the decision for a period of time. Sometimes you just need to allow your brain to process the information
  • Listen to your “gut”! Often your body, your intuition, your inner self knows what the right decision is. I am a great believer of following my instinct.
  • And sometimes it is better to make the wrong decision then no decision at all. And if it was the wrong decision, apologize and correct your decision.

So my decision now, is I have said enough, because later on you will have to listen to me all over again.

Thank you!