The Top Ten Reasons Why We Love BNIBNI-Logo

10.   We love being woken up at 7:00 AM in the morning, by very loudly proclaiming ourselves the “GREATEST BNI CHAPTER IN THE WORLD”

9.  We look forward to being introduced again to our chapter’s leadership team, because somehow we all suffer from amnesia and forgot since last week who does what.

8.  We can’t wait for Wednesday mornings, so we can all jump on unsuspecting guests and making sure that they know who we are, what we do and did they bring their business cards.

7.  We love the food, which is why many of us ask for take-out.

6.   We can’t wait for Vanig to pass around his beautiful jewelry and silently wonder, if he would notice if we would just slip it into our pocket.

5.  We eagerly anticipate listening to everyone’s 60-second infomercial again, to learn more details about their business and then silently say to ourselves: “Oh shit, I could have referred him or her to that person I spoke to last week”.

4.  Givers Gain

3.  BNI Wednesday mornings are like X-mas with your in-laws, we anticipate spending quality time with our BNI family, but always look forward to 8:30, so we can go home again.

2.  We are proud and amazed how many thank you’s, BBI’s and referrals we are able to claim each week as a group and are more determined than ever to do better ourselves the following week.

1.  We love being among professionals we trust, and who we are able, without reservations, to refer to our friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

Thank You!

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To learn more about how BNI can help you grow your business, join us every Wednesday morning at:
Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Louge,
Address: 3055 Dundas St. W. Mississauga, ON.

Discover how referral Markeing and our 25+ member chapter can help you grow your busniess. The BNI Referral Professionals – The Greatest BNI Chapter in the World.