Did you make a New Year’s Resolution? Were you able to keep it? This past Monday was deemed “Blue Monday”, partly due to people breaking their resolutions.

The most common resolutions that we came across involved losing weight, quitting bad habits, saving money, paying off debt, getting organized and being positive.

Check out some of the new years resolutions of our team here at Black Tulip!

Joost, Executive Director: To keep control of my desk at all times; 50% success rate.

Amanda, Bookkeeper and Asha, Executive Assistant: To stay away from the office candy jar; 100% success rate!

Jessica, Receptionist: To eat primarily vegetables and fruit and to start juicing everyday; 100% success rate.

Angie, Senior Manager HR: I’m accepting people for who they are and I’m visualizing my best life; 100% success rate.

What were some of your resolutions? Are you trying to save money or become more financially organized? Give us a call, maybe we can help!