A Major Announcement: For Your Eyes OnlyTulip. BLACK Tulip. We prefer our clients to be stirred… not shaken. And this BIG NEWS will get our accounting and small business clients excited to the max.

For most of our clients, we’re not much of an enigma. We’re first and foremost, bookkeepers. No one needs an explanation about that (although if you do, go here). Same for another part of our business, payroll administration services.

We’re good – nay great – at what we do. And it doesn’t just stop at bookkeeping and payroll. We do other stuff too – but it’s been shrouded in mystery.

Can we explain what Black Tulip can do for small businesses, over and above their excellent bookkeeping and payroll services? Never say never (again? For the first time?)…

The accounting department of a large business usually has multiple levels of staff: bookkeepers and payroll specialists at the bottom, a controller, a finance manager and a VP of Finance at the higher levels. What do these senior people do? Financial reports, budgets & projections, government reports and payments and, most importantly, yearend preparation and working with the accountants.

That’s a lot of smart people dedicated to the business – and it’s a lot of overhead.

But, why shouldn’t small businesses also be able to benefit from the more senior skilled financial administrators?

Enter Black Tulip – no big salaries, our clients only pay by the hour!

We had to come up with a name to explain the more senior skilled services; and we settled on Controller & Operational Support. Do you need more details of what is included in that service? Well, really anything that helps a small business operate efficiently. Just ask and consider it done. If we haven’t done it before, we can very quickly figure it out. We are pretty smart that way. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to contact any of our management team.

Whether you need this service or not, what remains the same is our dedication to our work, to our clients and a determination to be the best possible bookkeeping and administrative service provider we can be.

On behalf of the entire Black Tulip team, thank you for being our accounting partner and thank you for trusting us with tasks and responsibilities that are essential to the success of our shared clients’ business.

From Black Tulip With Love,

Joost Pelt

Executive Director

The Man With The Golden Ledger

Bookkeeping Support for Accountants