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Back Office Administration

When you are focused on other aspects of your business, Black Tulip gets it done. We keep your back office running smoothly and effectively when you require services related to invoicing, bill payments, banking, records keeping, mail services and file storage.

Why work with us?

Your business depends on your back office to run smoothly, efficiently and effectively. Outsourcing back office administration to Black Tulip helps build your business, solve problems, unleash extra time and reduce administrative anxiety.

We make you look good.

We work closely with accountants, professional advisors, private bankers, lawyers, leasing agents and insurance brokers to “get it done”.

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You have been an invaluable part of my life performing at a level of professionalism and discretion that is truly unique. Not only have you been a great help on the business side, but also so many personal issues that you look after on my behalf. You have helped me be better at what I do best and I truly appreciate it.

- Joseph Mimran, President, JM & A