Payroll Administration Services

Tired of the Payroll Pandemonium Cycle?

Black Tulip’s payroll experts make sure your staff gets paid on time and in adherence with provincial and federal regulations.

Whether you have a few employees or a hundred, we provide payroll services and reports customized to the needs of your business.

“Payroll is usually the last thing on my mind.”

Have you ever missed payroll? When every other aspect of your business is clamouring for your attention, it’s understandable. But your employees are counting on you. Ensure their piece of mind (and your sanity) by outsourcing your payroll admin to us.

“These payroll forms the government sent don’t make sense.”

Rules and regulations can sometimes change and navigating government websites could possibly be one of the most frustrating things you could be doing. Let us worry about staying on top of your payroll-related forms.

Managing payroll is more than just writing cheques. Whether you need an add-on to your bookkeeping or stand-alone support just for payroll admin, we can tailor our service to your exact requirements.

Do what you do best.

Let the professionals at Black Tulip do the rest.


  • Set-up Payroll (Canada or US)
  • Collecting and Maintaining Payroll Records
  • Payroll Processing
  • Payroll Company Coordination
  • Coordination with Clients’ Employees
  • Source Deductions Filed & Paid
  • Review Payroll Reports
  • T4s and T4 Summary
  • And More – Just Ask!

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