Year End Processing + Review

Your Accountant is Expecting Clean, Reconciled Files at Year End…Will You Deliver?

Let the bookkeepers at Black Tulip deal with those pesky reconciling issues.

We’ll question entries that don’t make sense, follow up on missing information, and deliver financial records you can depend on.

“I filed late last year and had to pay a penalty.”

Filing late and paying a penalty is easily avoidable when you have a tidy balance sheet to hand over to your accountant in the first place. But if your books need some extra help when your year end rolls around, we can help you put together an impeccable reconciliation.

“I missed out on deductions last year because our books weren’t up to date.”

Don't risk missing out on money owed to you. The trick is balancing the books with the right numbers. Reconciling issues need to be identified and corrected before they reach the accountant at year end—not left to an accountant to play hide and seek.

Whether you need an add-on to your bookkeeping or stand-alone support just for year end, we can tailor our service to your exact requirements.

Do what you do best.

Let the professionals at Black Tulip do the rest.


  • Preparation Of YE Working Papers
  • Adjusting Entries For Accruals & Prepaids
  • Prepare HST Reasonable Report
  • Liaise With Accountant
  • Post Accountant Adjusting Entries
  • Post Accountant Adjusting Entries
  • Reconcile to Closing Trial Balance
  • And More – Just Ask!

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