We love when people ask about our name – “Why Black Tulip?”
This spring, we came across some fun facts about our namesake flower!

  • Meaning: Black tulips symbolize power and strength. Their mysterious and elegant shade depicts royalty.
  • Origin: Black tulips are a rare hybrid of tulips. Absolute black tulips are very hard to achieve, but there are many mixtures of purple, dark wine red or velvet maroon that are closest to pure black.
  • Species: Some of the most cultivated black tulips are the Queen of the Night Black Tulip, Paul Scherer Black Tulip, Ebony Queen Black Tulip, Nearly Black Tulip, Black Hero Tulip and Black Parrot Tulip.
  • Advice: Black tulips are elusive. They are craved by hybridizers and admired by gardeners. They inspire supreme elegance and impose power. Black tulips are beyond belief!

For more information about black tulips, check out this online flowers guide.

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