This week, twitter is abuzz about Small Business Week which shines a light on small businesses from around the world. This is a time to celebrate these innovators and job creators who strengthen the world-wide economy.

Small business is actually quite the big business! In Canada, the term describes a business with up to 100 employees (not so small after all!). Small businesses are the key drivers of our economy, accounting for 98 per cent of all businesses, employing nearly 70 per cent of our private sector labour force and contributing approximately 40 per cent of our gross domestic product. Impressive numbers to ponder!

Black Tulip itself is a small business, and our knowledge of what that means on all fronts makes us the ideal choice for small businesses like yours, that require the support and advancement that we can offer them.

We’re here to help you! From financial administration to payroll services to getting ready for tax time, we do it all so you don’t have to. And because we have your back, you can focus on doing what you love to do.

Small business owners can sometimes feel isolated or overwhelmed. You may be a company of one, or a company that employs ten or more people. By putting us to task, you can extend your workforce exponentially. You will have an invaluable team of support at your beck and call and join a network of clients and vendors all of whom specialize in the small business owner and their needs.

So how will you celebrate Small Business Week? We’d like to start by applauding some of our favorite local small businesses, who just happen to be fantastic clients as well!