Forever EducatingToday is my final BNI Education Moment. It’s been more beneficial to me than I anticipated. In fact, I have enjoyed the process, the preparation and the presentation. And I also learned a lot!

Education has never been high on my list of priorities. My formal school education stopped at grade nine and throughout the years that followed I was never really inspired to go back to school for any additional education.

But that doesn’t mean I stopped learning. Each and every day I learned something new, every time I met a new person or had a new experience I picked up a new “kernel of wisdom”. The challenge was, was I paying attention, was I receptive enough to accept the new information, was I smart enough to even recognize there was an opportunity to better myself.

What I set out to do during the past year as this chapter’s Education Coordinator, was to share some of the wisdom I picked up over the last six decades. I have never been a fan of formal methods, systems or processes. I mostly wanted to share common sense solutions or ask you to open yourselves up to the obvious.

I am a great believer in creativity, intuition as well as some risk-taking. That is how I believe, we as individuals and even we as a society make progress. Try it, you might like it. If you fail, if you fall on your face, you definitely learned something new.

As small business owners, we cannot afford to stagnate, to get stuck in the way things used to be done. As team leaders, others look to us for solutions when problems occur. Let’s open ourselves up to learning something new every day. Let’s be creative, let’s take a new initiative, let’s not be afraid of the unknown. Education is forever

Thank you for this opportunity to share some of my wisdom. I appreciate all the positive responses I have received to this weekly Education Moment.  It has definitely helped educate me, I can only hope that it also benefited you.


Thank you!