How did your tax season go? Did you make the deadline? Were you able to locate all those receipts you had been saving during 2013? Did you remember to print off all of your charitable tax receipts from your online donations? How many times did you need to ask your investment advisor for one more document? How about your medical receipts, did you remember to include them?

For many people, April is a stressful month gathering together all the pieces of paper that form your financial picture for the previous year. No matter how well organized, somehow many are left scrambling to meet the April 30 deadline. So why not outsource these tasks to Black Tulip?

Throughout the year, many of our clients will send, drop off or forward to us everything that relates to their taxes. Some will even use our office as their mailing address. We gather, categorize and file it all throughout the year and when the T3s, T4s and T5s start arriving, we spring into action. We will get it all to your accountant early enough to allow these overworked professionals adequate time to ask all the necessary questions.

It’s really that simple, just outsource it to us! And your accountant will be grateful to have one less file to deal with at the last minute!